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2019 TEPAV Summer School The deadline for applications is 24 May, 2019
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As TEPAV, we are accepting applications for our 2019 Summer School Program.

We offer successful undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the recently graduated a chance to gain experience and improve themselves in the fields TEPAV is actively engaged in.

2019 TEPAV Summer School comprises of 3 terms

  • 1. Term: June 24 – July 22, 2019 (20 business days)
  • 2. Term: July 22 – August 9, 2019 (15 business days)
  • 3. Term: August 19 – September 16, 2019 (20 business days)

Within the scope of TEPAV Summer School, the participants will be expected to take part in projects carried out by TEPAV and in related research activities. They will also have access to technical training workshops where different programs such as Microsoft Office, Stata and R will be utilized in accordance with the areas of TEPAV’s projects and think tank activities. In addition to these trainings, attendees will be able to participate in presentations where TEPAV experts will share their expertise and experiences on their choice of projects. Thus, the participants of TEPAV Summer School will have the chance to listen to experts, learn more about their methods of research and experiences in the field of policy development and economics.

Students who wish to attend TEPAV Summer School are required to send the following documents via e-mail to tepavyazokulu@tepav.org.tr by May 24, 2019, at the latest;

Required documents for application:

A preliminary letter indicating their choice of dates of attendance: A preliminary letter in English and in PDF format indicating the period during which the applicant wishes to participate in the training program,

Letter of Intent (in English): A letter of intent in English and in PDF format explaining why the candidate wishes to participate in the 2019 Summer School in TEPAV, which program he / she wants to be involved in and what he / she expects to gain from the training,

Curriculum vitae: An English CV showing the candidate’s education status and, if applicable, their internship / work history.

Applications that do not include all the documents above will not be taken into consideration. Information on the application status for the Summer School will be sent via e-mail to candidates who have successfully passed the evaluation phase, on May 31, 2019. Preliminary information on evaluation results will not be shared before this date.

Please take into account that all contacts and exchange of information will be done using e-mails.

Participants of TEPAV Summer School are required to comply with the rules regarding workplace regulations, work order, discipline, work safety and confidentiality, to which TEPAV staff is also affiliated. During the Summer School period, participants must be in TEPAV Ankara office for five (5) business days of the week and between 09.00-18.00. During the program, participants are expected to bring their personal laptops to TEPAV. Participants will be able to benefit from TOBB-ETU's transportation services to TEPAV. Upon completing TEPAV Summer School, attendees will be given a TEPAV Summer School Certificate.


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