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TOBB/IAI - Talking Turkey Project


Completed project (June 2006 - December 2008)

The starting point of the project and the creation of a European network of experts to carry out the research was the awareness that perceptions and positions regarding Turkey's EU accession process vary from one member state to another. Having overviewed these perceptions, the project analyzed the different stakeholders in Europe, including Turkey, who shape European debates on EU-Turkey relations.

The objective of this Turkish-Italian initiative is the development of ideas for a differentiated EU Communication Strategy on Turkey that accounts for the different concerns, interests and sensitivities across member states.

The first stage of the project, in 2006-7, focused on the perceptions and prejudices concerning the questions of conditionality and impact of Turkey's accession. This phase culminated in the book "Conditionality, Impact and Prejudice in EU-Turkey Relations" and the findings were presented to European policy-makers, analysts and media at a meeting held at the European Parliament in September 2007.

The second stage of the project has involved research on how different stakeholders in Europe, the US and Turkey assess Turkey's EU membership prospects, and this research has been reflected in a book titled "Talking Turkey in Europe: Implications for a Communication Strategy".