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Şenay Akyıldız
Project Manager

Innovation Studies Program
Macroeconomic Studies Program

Şenay Akyıldız

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Şenay Akyıldız, holds her Bachelor’s degree in economics from Ankara University and Master’s degree in economics from Middle East Technical University. During her graduate education, in 2010, she started working for TEPAV (The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey) as a Research Associate. She continues her career at TEPAV as a Project Manager. She is mainly conducting projects in the field of labor market, vocational qualifications and vocational education and training. Her portfolio also includes in migration related projects which focus on skills mapping and integration of Syrians in the labour market.

She led the “Vocational Training Needs Analysis and Pilot Implementation Project” of which contribution to the vocational training was extremely important since the training module (named Problem Based Training - PBT) designed under the scope of it was the first of its kinds to provide a learning environment in which individuals can practically develop both soft and technical skills and also practice their cognitive skills. The Project was funded by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. She involved in the preparation of 11th Development Plan of Turkey as the reporter of the Improving the Quality of Vocational Education Working Group.

As a member of Technical Council, Akyıldız is contributing to the studies conducted under the the Protocol of Cooperation in Vocational Training signed by TOBB, TOBB Economy and Technology University and MoNE.

Lastly, Akyıldız is the team leader of the EU funded Mahir Eller Project which is implemented in a partnership of TOBB and TEPAV. The main objective of the Project is to increase the employability of Syrians under Temporary Protection and host community members through testing and certification of their existing vocational qualifications.

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